Publikum während einer Keynote über Digitalisierung von Prof. Dr. Key Pousttchi


Professor Key Pousttchi is Full Professor and holds the SAP-endowed Chair of Business Informatics and Digitization, especially IT Strategy and IT Business Value, at the School of Business and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam, Berlin.

Before, he has been an Associate Professor of Business Informatics and Mobile Business at the University of Augsburg, founding the wi-mobile Research Group in 2001. Prior to this position he worked as a researcher at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and before since 1989 served as an army officer in different positions in leadership and strategy.

As a nationally and internationally recognized expert for digitization and mobile business strategies, Key has been involved in numerous industry projects including being the Head of the National Roundtable M-Payment of the German banks and mobile operators, and a member of the m-enterprise advisory body for the German Ministry of Economics and Technology. Key received awards for research excellence at the International Conferences on Mobile Business 2004 in New York and 2008 in Barcelona as well as from the Journal of Information Technology 2010. He published eleven books and frequently serves as a media commentator and professional keynote speaker. 2011, he was granted the 12th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB 2013) as General Chair and received the world's leading researchers on m-commerce and m-business on June 10-13, 2013, in Berlin.

His current research work focuses on the impact of mobile and other digital media on people's everyday life as well as the strategic economic impact on real-world industries and economies as a whole.

The title of his new book will be "Megatrend Mobile - how Smartphones and Big Data will really change the world".