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Prof. Dr. Key Pousttchi

Digitalization – Time for Substance!

The corona crisis is changing a lot. Also in digitalization. The time of unsuspecting experiments should be over, both in terms of technology and in terms of economic effects. What we need now is serious expertise.

Digitalization? We can also talk about digital transformation, big data, artificial intelligence. What term do you want? In the end, we always talk about the same thing: We talk about the interactions in the "magic triangle" of technology – economy – people/society and about the developments that will come to you and how you can master them.

Do you just want to hear superficial facts or understand the connections?

In the past few years, many professional keynote speakers have started to deal with digitization topics and "futurology". Key Pousttchi did it the other way around: An internationally renowned, highly decorated scientist who is one of the German pioneers of mobile business and who has been researching digitalization and digital transformation for more than 20 years is going into public speaking.

Previously, he already was a sought-after media partner, from German National TV and international media outlets to the New York Times – now, he's giving keynotes in TED style. A digital world explorer. Exciting from the first to the last second.

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Key Pousttchi

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Key Pousttchi is an expert on mobile business and digitalization, author of eleven books and professional keynote speaker.


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