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Prof. Dr. Key Pousttchi

We're in the booster phase of the digital revolution – do you see through it?

The revelations around Facebook or the strategies of Google or Amazon could only surprise you if you did not attend an event with Professor Pousttchi as a keynote speaker in recent years. The case around Cambridge Analytica, for instance, is not a scandal but just shows a small portion of the political and economic power shift that arises in the game of digitalization and data.

Would you leave home without your smart phone? Why mobile devices are so important to us, why we react as we do and why it is so difficult to control this behavior: That's only the start of "Professor Mobile Business" Key Pousttchi's keynote. The cellphone gives room for a lot of everyday humor, easily brightening up a keynote and getting the participants involved and immersed. But step by step, Key Pousttchi makes clear which rules make these devices determine our lives, positively as well as negatively. What sensors and actors of cyber-physical systems are for the industrial internet, smart phones mean to humans as customers and employees. They are the bearers of digitalization and digital transformation.

And step by step we discover the true meaning of these devices for the changes in the life of humans, enterprises, industries and even whole economies. Data economy is way more comprehensive and different than it looks at first glance. Big data is resounded throughout the land, but how do value networks of the future really look like and how is Silicon Valley's big game working? What is our role in this game, how will future scenerios look like and what is the right positioning?

Many professional keynote speakers started to look at digitalization topics and "futurology" in the last years. Key Pousttchi takes the very opposite direction: An internationally renowned, distinguished scientist who is one of the pioneers in mobile business, with more than 15 years of research experience in digitalization topics, enters "public speaking". He has already been frequently cited in the media, from German national radio and TV to the New York Times – now, he's giving keynotes TED style.

Key Pousttchi is explaining us the digital world and what's behind – exciting from start to finish.

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Key Pousttchi is an expert on mobile business and digitalization, author of eleven books and professional keynote speaker.


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